Sliding glass shower doors

It’s time to update your shower, Ontario.

Glass shower doors add style and personality to your bathroom while opening the space to give it a more substantial, brighter, and more luxurious feel. And overall add beauty to your bathroom and enjoy fanciful showers every day.

If you are looking to make a small or significant change in your bathroom, installing sliding glass shower doors or a glass shower enclosure could provide the new look you want. GlassNinja, offers custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect tub shower or tub enclosure in Ontario.

Life Is Too Short For Shower Curtains

Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning and Maintenance convenience

The bathroom is one of those places where having a tidy environment seems a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when the sanitation process can take up so much time! That’s why using glass doors is a more suitable choice. It makes it easier to clean and it last longer.

Illuminated and spacious

The most popular challenge of bathrooms is to have a meaningful impact that is unusually determined due to which the bathroom looks dark and narrow. Therefore, the use of glass doors would not only help in making the bathroom look spacious but will also increase the light strength.

Valued home

You might be aware of the fact that, whenever glass is used, those places are more visited and the selling price is higher. So using glass shower doors would will not only help in increasing the cost of your bathroom but also of your home.


Sliding Glass Shower Door Systems

Sliding glass shower doors are typically used for smaller bathrooms as they are great space-savers, whereas swing doors have a more premium feel but take up more room for the door to open

All our sliding showers are frameless, use premium thick quality glass, and are custom made to fit any opening.


Serenity Series Sliding System

This is the standard economical option

Our CRL Deluxe 180 Degree Serenity Series Sliding System has an entirely different look from traditional sliding systems. The use of minimal hardware provides a frameless look that gives the enclosure an almost floating appearance. Specially designed roller bearings allow for quiet and easy opening and closing of the door. One sliding panel and one fixed panel make the Deluxe Serenity Series both practical and beautiful.




180 Degree Cambridge Series Two Door Bypass Sliding Shower Door 

This is the only system that features dual bi-parting doors.

The Cambridge Series Two Door Bypass Sliding Shower Door System utilizes a modern top roller fitting that features four rollers on each door for ease of sliding. This quiet, smooth sliding system is made of high-quality stainless steel, thus ensuring easy opening and closing of the door. The Cambridge Series Sliding Shower Door System is versatile in design, able to adapt to full standing showers or above bathtubs. A 90 Degree Accessory Kit may be purchased separately for use with 90-degree return panels. Available in either polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, or matte black. The Cambridge Sliding System will work with 3/8″ or 5/16″ (10 or 8 mm) thick tempered glass (Glass will be included).


Cambridge-CAM73BS_195968 glass-shower-doors-toronto

Essence Series Basic Sliding Door Kit

The CRL Essence Series Basic Sliding Door Kit is a headerless system that offers a frameless appearance both vertically and horizontally. Smooth and quiet operation is the cornerstone of the Essence Series. Water management is achieved horizontally via the use of the bottom track, and vertically with the use of our DK98L Clear Seal. The anti-derail/anti-pinch guard features of the curved shaped bottom rollers make them unique. The Essence Series is for use with only 1/2″ (12 mm) thick tempered safety glass (Glass will be included). Stocked in four popular finishes.

Hydroslide Sliding Shower Kits

The location of the bar is above the glass, giving a larger opening for the entrance and a hidden mechanism inside the bar.

The CRL 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Installation requires the 180 Degree Standard Kit, plus the 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Accessory Kit for the installation. Individual or replacement parts can also be ordered. Bottom Fixed Glass Attachments and Handles or Knobs must be ordered separately. Kit comes with complete fabrication and installation instructions. Glass will be included

hydro2-HYDK84CH_49680 glass-shower-doors-toronto

Hydroslide bi-folding

This one is especially useful for tight spaces with smaller opening room under 48”, allows for entire space to be open. CRL Hydroslide Sliding Shower Door Kits were designed for full standing showers or above bathtubs. The Hydroslide System can accommodate a wide range of shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end, or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. The Hydroslide System also accommodates the option of floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door. Glass will be included

What Type Of Shower Do You Need?

Custom frameless showers

Frameless custom showers are built to precisely match the layout of the opening, tiles, and slopes. It adds beauty, custom size, custom features, high-end look and a good return on investment (midrange homes with bathroom remodels including a tiled shower had a 65% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine’s recent Cost vs. Value report).

Pre-fabricated framed showers

Prefabricated means that a shower unit has been mass-produced at a factory. They are usually made of plastic, Gelcoat fiberglass, and acrylic. The pre-fab showers are significantly cheaper but only fit into specific sized openings, are typically framed. They are available only in standard widths.

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GN Awards

Glass Ninja offers an Industry-Leading 2-year Installation Warranty as well as a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all parts and hardware. Rest assured your projects are in safe hands.

If you want to know more, please read our Warranty Information page.

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