Neo angle shower door

Neo-Angle glass shower doors and enclosures add a level of luxury and elegance to your bathroom that can’t be found with other glass enclosures. The design you choose will most definitely allow you to enjoy your shower to its fullest potential and will allow major bragging rights among your friends and family. If you are looking to make a small or large change in your bathroom, installing a Neo-Angle shower door will provide the new look you’ve been looking for. At Glass Ninja, we offer custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect shower enclosure that meets your needs and matches all of your standards.

Neo angle shower door

Life Is Too Short For Shower Curtains

About This Door Design 

Our neo-angle shower doors are available with three types of tempered safety glass: Clear, frosted, and tinted. The metal enclosure is available in six finishes for use with a neo-angle shower base and corner shower wall set. To further explore some different design ideas check out our Shower Doors and Enclosures homepage to see all of our premium models and designs. Remember, whatever design you choose our expert team is fully equipped to bring your dreams to life. 

Make your shower the focal point of your bathroom with one of our timeless bath or shower doors. These elegant doors add class to any décor while the tempered glass allows light to shine through and illuminate your shower. Choose from a wide range of styles, finishes, and glass types to suit any bathroom design.


3 Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning and Maintenance convenience

Tired of spending hours cleaning your bathroom every week? Avoid the dirt build-up that is caused by a shower curtain, a glass door is far easier to clean and can cut your dedicated cleaning time in half. Why waste your time constantly scrubbing the side of your tub when you can simply use a solvent, give the glass a quick wipe down, and be on your way to relaxing for the rest of your day!

Illuminated and spacious

If your bathroom looks overly cluttered and dimly lit it might not be your bathroom’s fault! The shower design that you currently have may be blocking out the light and making your bathroom appear narrow. A glass shower enclosure opens up the design of your bathroom, creating a more open & airy space, and allowing more light to get into your bathroom.

Valued home

A surefire way to increase the value of your home is to make simple changes to specific areas of your home or business, like your bathroom. A Neo-Angle glass door makes your bathroom appear far more open concept, subsequently increasing your overall property value. If you’re looking to see make sure you get the most out of your property by making a simple investment that is a guaranteed bonus.

Features and benefits

Neo-angle shower doors are an all-time customer favourite here at Glass Ninja. And they’re popular for good reason. They fit snugly into tight spaces, have an array of customization options, and they turn the shower into the star of any small bathroom design.

Used with a neo-angle shower base and corner shower wall, these elegant doors add class to any décor while the clear tempered glass allows light to shine through. Maximizing every square inch of space is what a corner shower installation is all about, and these doors are the perfect way to complete the look. Choose between floor-to-ceiling or header rail options for efficient ventilation of steam.

Some of our Possible Configurations
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Note: All of the above options can be used with a header and pivot hinges instead of swing hinges. Neo-Angle doors use custom mitered angles, where the corners are cut at an angle to ensure a seamless look, feel and minimization of leaking.

Diamon-Fusion Protective Coating

Make sure your glass is properly protected from all wear & tear. Diamon-Fusion uses leading class solutions to create an ultra-durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean protective glass coating. This coating will bring your shower door or enclosure to a whole new level, the unique features of the product allows it to simply wick away water and moisture to best prevent stains. 


What is Diamon-Fusion?

Diamon-Fusion is a leading class Glass coating that provides an extra layer of protection from water stains and residue. Diamon-Fusion turns regular glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface that prevents staining and streaks. 



How it Works

Although glass appears to be smooth, it’s actually quite a rough material on a microscopic level. Dirt, grime, minerals, and soap can cause stains on your glass by getting stuck on the rough surface. Diamon-Fusion creates an invisible sealant that covers the glass completely, sealing it from outside bacteria.


Cleaning Solutions

Most chemical and natural cleaners are completely fine to use with Diamon-Fusion without harming the coating. Due to the strength and durability of the sealant, you can continue to clean your glass as you regularly would without any worries! Some verified cleaning solutions include: 

  • Ammonia Free Windex
  • Diluted Vinegar 
  • Any Natural Glass or Surface Cleaner

Super-Imposed 3D Design Process

3D renderings allow you to see any shower door or enclosure design superimposed into your bathroom space with exact textures and measurements. This imaging system allows you to fully picture how a specific design will look in your space, this will give you peace of mind and assurance of how amazing the door or enclosure will look. Check out the steps below to see just how to start this process!


Discussing Options

Here one of our team members will listen to your needs and wants, we will then discuss all of the options you have for your perfect shower door or enclosure design. Our team of experts will walk you through all of the amazing options you have when making your selection, from sliding doors to neo angle enclosures we offer leading class solutions with fantastic upgrades tuned perfectly to your needs.


Laser Measurements

After the initial consult, measurements of your available space must be taken, this is the most important step in the process and the best way to ensure you get a quality enclosure or door! Our Laser Measurement technology allows us to measure any space through the use of light reflection, this allows us to measure in all the nooks and crannies. Laser measurement is the most accurate and efficient way to determine accurate spacings.


3D Rendering

Once we have all of your specifications and area measurements we can then create a 3D rendering of what the enclosure or door will look like in YOUR bathroom. This system allows us to create a 3D image of your bathroom space, and place the enclosure or door within the rendering, with all of the furnishings and hardware visible. This system will allow you to perfectly imagine how your bathroom will look.



Diamon-Fusion is a leading class Glass coating that provides an extra layer of protection from water stains and residue. Diamon-Fusion turns regular glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface that prevents staining and streaks. This coating will keep your glass looking bright and shiny for many years to come!



Once we’ve got a rendering picked out, the glass is custom-designed and fully coated, then it is ready to be installed in your bathroom & brighten up your space. Installation is handled by our team of well-practiced experts to ensure the project is completed perfectly the first time. Installation is completely out of your hair, just let our team handle the heavy lifting and when they’re done you’ll have a beautiful looking space.

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