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It's time to enhance your bathroom, Ontario.

If you are looking for custom glass frameless shower doors and want to give a luxurious feel to your bathroom there's no better option than choosing GlassNinja.

From measure to install, we’ve got your back.

Our dedicated team will be in charge to customize your perfect glass shower and have it installed in a short amount of time.

GlassNinja, offers custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect shower enclosure or walk-in shower in Ontario.

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Life Is Too Short For Shower Curtains

High-Quality Custom-Made Shower Doors

Modern bathrooms feature open concept design, flow, and elegance. Their open designs attempt to bring together such disparate elements as decorative tile, contemporary bath fixtures, and sprawling vanities.  Investing in a frameless glass shower door helps create a seamless, open, and contemporary space, that offers an opportunity for a one of a kind design.

We understand every bathroom design is different, that's why we offer your custom solutions that fit any of your shower needs.

Since most contemporary style bathrooms are usually visual and feature intricate bathroom fixtures and decorative tiles, frameless shower glass doors have been gaining fame among many homeowners.

Frameless shower enclosures look elegant, but one of their most redeeming qualities is toughness. Standard shower glasses can range in thicknesses from 3/8, which makes them sturdy, structurally sound and safe.

More homeowners are looking to transform their bathrooms into luxurious, relaxing retreats that feature the looks and amenities of an upscale spa.

Custom glass shower doors are one way to upgrade the appearance of a bath and to lessen the burden of maintaining it.


Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning and Maintenance convenience

The bathroom is one of those places where having a tidy environment seems a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when the sanitation process can take up so much time! That's why using glass doors is a more suitable choice. It makes it easier to clean and it last longer.

Illuminated and spacious

The most popular challenge of bathrooms is to have a meaningful impact that is unusually determined due to which the bathroom looks dark and narrow. Therefore, the use of glass doors would not only help in making the bathroom look spacious but will also increase the light strength.

Valued home

You might be aware of the fact that, whenever glass is used, those places are more visited and the selling price is higher. So using glass shower doors would will not only help in increasing the cost of your bathroom but also of your home.

Why Custom Shower Doors Are A Great Bathroom Upgrade Option?
  • Allows for custom mitered angles (corner is cut at an angle to ensure seamless look and feel, minimizes chances of leaking)
  • Half wall/knee wall (half wall bottom, top in glass)
  • Anything else, made custom to fit the space
Why Choose Us?

We want to provide you, the end user with the finest custom frameless shower door or enclosure solutions. We are original innovators of our product and have spent over 5+years perfecting our installation process.

We also want to give you the lowest prices, best service, and all the technical support you need. When finding the best glass company, you have a lot of questions but rest assured we can answer them all.

From our unique support, high-quality selection of manufacturers, and installation processes, to our unparalleled customer service and catalog, we are at the absolute cutting edge in every single aspect of our industry—and we plan on keeping it that way.

We guarantee the quickest turnaround time in your city. We will be by your side from the minute you submit your quote, to help you choose a design all the way through the installation. We will set next-day measuring appointments. We are committed to our customers and when your glass is ready for install, we will carefully package and reinforce it into its shipping container. Ensuring that your custom designed glass and hardware arrives at your doorstep just as perfect as when it left the manufacturing facility.


Quality Hardware

Hardware that will last the life of your enclosure.



Examples of Custom Showers Doors

If you're ready to turn your bathroom into a beautiful and modern oasis, call GlassNinja at +1 (833) 344-5277 to talk to our glass designers and get started.

GN Awards

Glass Ninja offers an Industry-Leading 2-year Installation Warranty as well as a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all parts and hardware. Rest assured your projects are in safe hands.

If you want to know more, please read our Warranty Information page.


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