Steam Shower Enclosure

It's time to revamp your bathroom!

Steam Showers and Hydro Massage Shower Cubicles or shower cabins are the ultimate in showering luxury. Hydromassage and steam shower cabins are self-contained shower pods that offer advanced showering features such are water body jets, massage water features, built-in radios and sound systems, steam and aromatherapy systems, and much more. At GlassNinja we install top of the range steam showers and hydro massage shower cabins offering you a stunning upgrade. Be warned though; once you've tried a Hydro Massage or Steam Shower Cabin, you may find you never want to get out!

Homeowners searching for bathroom remodeling ideas should be familiar with the most recent interior design trends. These trends will help add value to your home bathroom. Recently, bathrooms are becoming more spa-like, which also makes the bathroom more comfortable. The cost of a steam shower may appear, considering that installing steam showers in the bathroom is a current design trend.

  • Steam shower cabins are self-contained shower pods that feature a steam generator as well as hydromassage body jets.
  • Hydromassage shower cabins are similar to steam shower cabins but without the steam generator.

GlassNinja, offers custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect shower or enclosure in GTA.

Life Is Too Short For Shower Curtains

High-Quality Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam showers are a new modern all in one cabin that utilizes steam which gives you all the relaxing benefits available with relaxing massaging jets and overhead rain shower. Relaxing in one of our modern steam showers is the ultimate way to relax at the end of your day or the perfect way to brighten up your morning after awakening.

You have two main options when it comes to adding a steam shower to your home: a custom-built shower enclosure or a prefabricated, all-in-one enclosure unit. A custom shower, whether you build a steam shower yourself or hire professionals (like GlassNinja!) can vary in cost obviously, but it can also be tailored perfectly to your existing space.

Typically, a custom steam shower will perform better. If you have a smaller budget and don’t mind the drawbacks, an all-in-one unit could be a good fit. However, there are a few things to consider before you make your decision...


Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning and Maintenance convenience

The bathroom is one of those places where having a tidy environment seems a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when the sanitation process can take up so much time! That's why using glass doors is a more suitable choice. It makes it easier to clean and it last longer.

Illuminated and spacious

The most popular challenge of bathrooms is to have a meaningful impact that is unusually determined due to which the bathroom looks dark and narrow. Therefore, the use of glass doors would not only help in making the bathroom look spacious but will also increase the light strength.

Valued home

You might be aware of the fact that, whenever glass is used, those places are more visited and the selling price is higher. So using glass shower doors would will not only help in increasing the cost of your bathroom but also of your home.

Prefabricated Steam Shower Units or Custom Tiled Steam Showers?

The cost of a steam shower varies between the cost of custom tiled shower units and prefabricated free standing shower units.

Pre-built steam shower units are easily put together, usually within a day and hooked up to your home as quickly as a washing machine. They are typically installed by a professional electrician and plumber but come in kits, and most handymen have no problem to install one themselves. With GlassNinja you don't have to hire both, we an all-in-one solution!. You would also need to include the expense of labor for the installation + the Kit. These units usually are shower stalls with built-in features. Some features include:

  • a steam generator
  • ceiling light
  • stereo
  • tempered glass enclosure
  • body massage jets
  • handheld showerhead
  • and rainfall ceiling shower.
  • control panels with a timer
  • built-in seats.
Steam Shower Enclosure

The cost of a custom steam shower is going to be determined by the materials used, the size of the shower, and the features within the shower. The larger the shower, the higher priced the project is likely to be, especially when the materials are costly. To put in a custom steam shower, you will likely need a contractor, tile setter and shower-door installer; a plumber and electrician are likely to be required for the job also...but don't sweat, with GlassNinja you only need 1 contractor!. You will need to seal all parts of the shower area adequately to resist the steam from causing problems with mold and mildew down the road.

Quality Hardware

Hardware that will last the life of your enclosure.




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GN Awards

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