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So were we. That’s why, after losing a lot of hair and sleepless nights, we built the perfect VIP Glass & Mirror Service for builders and contractors. After interviewing and working with a cacophany of builders, design firms, architects and remodelers of all shapes and sizes, we learned that, without fail, they all experience the same issues over and over again with their glass and mirror subcontractors…

3 Signs you should fire your glass & Mirrors company

If your Glass & Mirrors subcontractor continuously makes these mistakes, it’s time you seek out a more effective supplier. The three points below make up 97% of the reasons why the contractors we work with today moved over to us from their previous glass suppliers. 

Deadly Sin #1:

They don’t show up when they say they will, and don’t deliver the work when they they will

You want your Glass & Mirrors guy to be precise and effective. That’s why it’s so disconcerting when they don’t arrive to measurement or installation appointments when they say they will. Even worse is when they aren’t able to deliver a project when they say they will – oftentimes creeping several days or even weeks behind schedule. That’s a very effective way to run a business if you want to lose your clients and your sanity. 

Deadly Sin #2:

They offer inconsistent pricing that’s always creeping up, and constantly going overbudget

One of our VIP contractors was recently telling us a story of how their previous glass guy charged him $1900, $2700 and $`2100 for the exact same shower project at different times. What’s scary is that we keep hearing of this over and over again. Unfortunately, most glass and mirror contractors simply charge based on intuition as opposed to a iron-clad pricing system. Do you want to be charged more just because your company is more successful?

Deadly Sin #3:

They don’t communicate well, especially when it comes to problem-solving and special orders

Imagine you overpaid your glass guy by a wide margin and, to add insult to injury, they don’t show up to their designated installation timeslot. Now imagine you’re trying to call them and nobody’s picking up the phone. Then they get back to you hours later saying something like ‘Sorry, I double-booked you.’ It’s scary how often this happens to companies, and we’re not even mentioning what happens when something goes wrong and you have to deal with an angry client.  

3 Signs you should hire Glass Ninja as your next glass & mirror Supplier & Installer

We’ve worked with every Glass & Mirrors supplier and with the companies that hired them, so we know exactly where others fail and what most builders and contractors really need for business success.

Heavenly Virtue #1:

We show up on time every time, and provide realistic timelines that we uphold

We value our time tremendously and, as a result, we even more tremendously value your time. Our measurerers and installers will arrive on time within the designated time slot provided. When it comes to glass and mirror projects, we make sure to provide clear and expedited timelines. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control (installers can get sick, glass can break) but that’s why we always quote you a timeline with a safety built-in. Best case scenario: we get your project delivered way ahead of schedule. 

Heavenly Virtue #2:

We offer consistent and transparent pricing, and provide our VIPs with better pricing than anyone  

Some say that our rock-solid pricing model causes us to be too rigid, causing us to lose out on potential sales and profits to B2B clients. To that we say: so be it. If a client’s #1 priority above all is to get the cheapest price possible, we probably aren’t the right fit for you. However, if you value reliable pricing models that do not change with the wind and that allow you to budget ahead accordingly, we’re the right team for you. 

Heavenly Virtue #3:

We assign a dedicated Project Manager for every VIP client 

Yes, you read that right. Your dedicated project manager is responsible for learning your ongoing business needs, learning the ins and outs of your projects, and meeting or exceeding your project expectations. You can call your assigned project manager at any time to discuss design ideas, production schedules and cost optimization. Think of them like a one-stop-shop for all of your Glass & Mirror questions. 

3 contractors that loved working with glass ninja

Don’t take our word for why we’re Toronto + GTA’s most trusted choice for Glass and Mirrors, here’s what our clients had to say.

Happy Client #1:

Anton from New Life Sauna

We’ve been looking for a company that we can collaborate with on traditional Finnish sauna builds where custom glass elements (i.e. doors, walls, partitions, windows) are required.

Once we posted a feeler in one of the Facebook renovation groups/communities, Glass Ninja were one of the first companies/individuals to respond. 
Measurements and specifications were submitted and after some back and forth correspondence all details were ironed out and quotation issued.

Job was done promptly and impeccably without any deviation from initial agreement.

So far we completed one joint project and there are few more currently in the works but I can safely say that this is going to be a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership.

It is a pleasure to work with Vlad and his team over at Glass Ninja.

Happy Client #2:

Erin from Mello Design

Glass Ninja are fantastic workers who always deliver a quality product. I’m a designer and I have used Glass Ninja in a number of my client’s homes.

These guys are ready with advice and knowledge on functionality and products, a thorough and clean installation process and they’re efficient with following up and quoting. Always a pleasure to work with!

Thank you Vlad!

Happy Client #3:

Alan from MGA Homes

I saw their post on Facebook, looked up pics and decided to hire them to do my shower door. 
Communication was the best! Extremely efficient & fast. 

Vlad came to do measurements on Saturday around 2PM, at 6PM I had my finalized quote. 
Production time – faster, than promised. Did 10 days instead of 14.

They were the one who reached out to me saying the door is ready. WOW, never happened before. Normally I’m the one who calls & asks is it ready yet.

Installation – was able to meet my schedule & building rules. Price – same or cheaper comparing to a a similar door at HomeDepot without installation. 

All in 14 days from day 1 to the door installed. 
I’m definitely planning to continue with them. 

Thank you!


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