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High-Quality Custom-Made Lobby & Museum Mirrors

There are lots of advantages that you can get out of using mirrors on your walls. If you have a small space, holding a reflection may cause your museum, gallery or lobby to look more spacious. Mirrors are generally used in designing rooms and this can also be done in your open spaces, It creates an appropriate fitting to use in designing because it can make your lobby looks larger than it surely is. If you like the designs you see here, feel free to check out our fitness mirrors page for more innovative designs. 

Make a statement in your home. Double the visual space almost anywhere by adding a custom wall mirror. Especially great for entryways, select any size and shape you desire to completely transform the look of your space. This is a perfect option for city dwellers who live in small condominiums and apartments. Now you don’t have to sacrifice space to live where you want! The best of both worlds is found in a simple mirror project with Glass

Lobby and museum mirrors

5 Reasons You Should Choose Our Mirror Solutions

  • Our mirrors are available in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm, and height of up to 120”. You may also choose between clear, bronze, and grey tints, or an antique mirror design.
  • Provide the highest level of reflection at all times.
  • Are installed without the need for unsightly metal or wood frame leaving you with an uninterrupted wall of mirror.
  • Provide excellent resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion (no unsightly black edges and spot faults).
  • Can be cut to make space for Light fixtures, power outlets, or bulkheads that may have occupied the mirror space otherwise. Since we custom design all of our mirrors, you may choose to have cutouts made for any purpose you find fit.

Glass Types And Thicknesses To Choose From

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