Fixed shower glass panel

Are you looking to install a walk-in shower in your bathroom? Walk-in showers are far more accessible than a normal tub or glass panelled showers, allowing for easier access to those who need it. Walk-in showers simply have a pane of glass that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, keeping the water in without the use of swinging or sliding doors. Some people need to have easy access to their shower, which is large enough for a seat or chair, our modern open concept designs leave enough room for any of your needs, and ensure that water stays where it’s intended to be. 


In some cases, a Single Door would be too wide to use in a limited space, problem solved! A Fixed Panel is wide enough for easy access but still slim enough to not take up your already limited space.. Glass Ninja’s expert designers and professional installers will ensure that your Frameless Shower Enclosure is perfect for you and your family.

Glass Ninja, offers custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect kind of shower that meets all of your standards. For more inspiration and unique designs check out our  Shower Doors and Enclosures homepage, here you can see all of the premium designs that we have to offer.

Features And Benefits Of A Fixed Shower Glass Panel Installation

A Fixed Shower Panel not only provides a bathroom with the appeal of a single pane of glass but also gives the owner the convenience of paying less for an upgraded style if they desire to make improvements to their home. 

Also, a fixed panel shower door gives the owner the convenience of not needing to clean multiple surfaces after the shower is used. The door can be wiped down quickly and debris can be whisked away with the proper cleaning supplies.

Single door options are useful for people who have difficulty with their mobility. There is no need to slide open a door before getting into the shower, instead, the shower is far more accessible for any of your mobility needs.

  • No doors
  • No hinges
  • A minimum amount of hardware, providing a great seamless & clean look
  • It is by far the most cost-effective option on the market
  • It is, however, recommended for larger showers

High-Quality Fixed Glass Shower Doors

A fixed shower panel is a pane of glass that does not move, this type of glass helps to contain water but does not swing or slide open. Instead, an opening is left at the end of the shower that allows for easy access but is far enough away from the shower stream to ensure there is no water leakage. This is most common in walk-in shower stalls, which are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of shower stall options.

Why To Go For Fixed Shower Panel

Fixed shower glass panels are absolutely the best choice for those who need easier access to their shower. The pane of glass is set in place by slats at the top and bottom of the shower, this allows the glass to be sturdy enough to support a shower bar. This innovative design is wide enough to fit a chair or wheelchair without taking up too much space and allows for support bars on either side of the shower for increased safety. 

3 Reason Why You Should Choose Fixed Shower Glass Panel

Cleaning and Maintenance convenience

Unfortunately, bathrooms can get dirty quickly, especially if you are unable to tidy up on a regular basis. The easy access and wide opening of the shower allow for easy access to maximize your cleaning efforts, the glass pane is also extremely easy to clean, one wipe with the proper solvent and the glass is clean! 

Illuminated and spacious

Looking to leave a lasting impression on your guests and family? Don’t fret over the little details, make a change that is guaranteed to make an impression no one will ever forget. Having a glass pane shower gives your bathroom a more open concept appearance and allows more light to come in, increasing the visibility of the awesome new shower you just got. 

Valued home

Looking to increase the property value of your home for resale or appraisal purposes? Having a glass panel shower will increase the value of your home or business at a cost you can’t beat. Making a simple innovation in your home will more than make your investment worthwhile, so why wait? 

Super-Imposed 3D Design Process

3D renderings allow you to see any shower door or enclosure design superimposed into your bathroom space with exact textures and measurements. This imaging system allows you to fully picture how a specific design will look in your space, this will give you peace of mind and assurance of how amazing the door or enclosure will look. Check out the steps below to see just how to start this process!

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