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Looking for something new to spice up your business and attract more customers? In the retail industry we know it’s all about vanity, whether or not that dress looks good, if the shoes match the belt, or if those pants are in season. Give your customers the opportunity to check themselves out in your awesome merch with our custom-designed mirrors for your retail or dressing room needs.  Glass Ninja manufactures and installs large, oversize mirrors for clothing, shoe stores, barbershops and hair salons, we have a wide variety of styles to choose from to fit any room or specific design style.

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examples of retail mirror installations we have done

Store fixture mirrors come in many different styles and sizes, no matter your needs, we can custom design the mirror to perfectly match the flow and vibe of your store. Mirrors can be installed in countertops, floors, Slatwall, and even wall-mounted to perfectly match your retail environment. Look for a creative way to sell your merchandise, whether it be shoes, clothing, or jewelry,  with our beautiful mirrors you can surely expect some happy customers. If you are looking for: fitting room mirrors, oversized mirrors, large wall mirrors, or round mirrors, you're in the right place, at Glass Ninja we offer it all!


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dressing room retail mirror

dressing room mirror

Open up and brighten your store space with custom mirrors


Custom-designed and installed mirrors are necessary for a variety of retail applications. From changing room mirrors, to barbershop or beauty salon mirrors, customization options abound. Colour tints, curves and custom shapes are just some of your options. The name of the game in retail is to be memorable; don’t miss the opportunity to wow your customers with interesting mirrors they haven’t seen in other places.

From the very first time humans saw their reflections in water and thought it was magic, we’ve recognized the power that mirrors truly have.

Though today’s commercially produced glass mirrors possess no magical powers, they do serve as dynamic visual merchandising and store design tools. Used effectively, floor and wall mirrors can reflect light, merchandise, and people to enliven and energize a retail environment. Your customers adore your clothing, but most likely won’t purchase anything without reassurance from a mirror that they look good, help your customers and yourself by installing the best equipment for checking yourself out. 

If you like the designs of our larger retail and dressing room mirrors, check out our fitness mirrors page for more inspirational designs!


High-Quality Custom-Made Retail Mirrors 

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Display Mirrors

You may find display mirrors to be a great addition to your business. Countertop mirrors are a nice feature for jewelry stores and eyeglass establishments. The high-quality jewelry you sell is usually enough to convince anyone to complete a purchase, but having custom-designed countertop mirrors is the unique touch that can make those diamonds shine brighter. Our mirrors reflect your overhead lighting perfectly, this makes all of your jewelry sparkle brighter attracting those cautious buyers to choose you over the competition. 

Lobby Mirror

Wall mount mirrors

Our mirrors are a great way to save space, this way your dressing rooms are large enough for all your guests to take a twirl and see just jow good they look in your merch. Wall-mounted mirrors are ideal for opening up any room, they enhance the lighting in your dressing room and create a focal point with a decorative touch.

dressing room mirror

Floor mirrors 

When used with casters, they work to the customer's advantage by being able to move throughout a store. Floor mirrors are full length and go great in any room or business. Add depth and light to small room spaces and retail establishments. If you sell shoes, let your customers see how great they look from all angles, this will show off your unique footwear and push any customer towards making a purchase!


Size and Placement

From a design standpoint, retail mirrors dramatically enhance the store environment while focusing customers’ attention.

“Mirrors tend to draw customers to one part of your space. "says Lisa Shapot, co-owner of The Think Tank, a design consultancy based in Garnerville, NY. “Customers can get sensory overload walking through space, and mirrors let you highlight what you want them to see — whether it’s clothing, chandeliers or artwork,”

The size and placement of mirrors not only allow your customers to fully explore your custom merchandise but also creates a better flow of your retail environment, allowing customers to see all that you have to offer.

Expand, Correct & Decorate

Mirrors enhance a store’s décor and contribute to its aesthetic appeal. If you want your store to look as good as the products you sell, then a custom mirror is exactly what you need. Effectively market all of your brands by showcasing them with awesome mirror designs that are guaranteed to promote your business and can even be designed to match the colour scheme or pattern of your choosing. 

"Mirrors have come to mean much more than the original ‘looking glass.’ They are now a part of the decorative scheme of a modern home. By using them, there are no dark, gloomy corners, no drab caverns for halls. There can be a feeling of freedom, light, air, space."

-Dorothy Draper

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