LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR SHOWER CURTAINS. That’s why we create and install custom glass shower door solutions designed for your unique bathroom and budget. Follow the steps below to choose the glass shower door setup of your dreams. Call us any time to get an immediate answer: 1-833-344-5277.

Step 1: Choose Your Shower Configuration

There are several different types of shower styles and configurations to choose from. Your choice will typically depend on your aesthetic preference, the specifications of your bathroom, as well as your budget. The best first question to ask is – do you want a glassed in shower solution or a flat glass shower door? If you are not sure of the best shower configuration for you, one of our glass ninjas will be ecstatic to help you.

Step 2: Choose Your Hardware Setup

Premium quality hardware (self-centering hinges, available in several beautiful finishes, made of solid brass with all moving parts in stainless steel).

On top of customizing the actual shower configuration itself, you can also choose the exact hardware you’d like installed with your shower system, specifically: handles and hinges. The right mix of handles, hinges and glass is truly a beautiful thing. If you are getting a sliding glass shower door system, there are options from the finest makers of sliding door systems.


• Round
• Mitered
• Square
• Ladder Pull

Towel Bar Combinations

• Round
• Mitered
• Square
• Ladder Pull


• Cube
• Traditional
• Round
• Sliding Pull


• Robe hook
• Steam Rotating Transom
• Additional Towel Bar
• Toilet Paper Holder


• Chrome
• Brushed Nickel
• Matte Black
• Gold
• Other colours and styles available upon request – just ask!


A new high quality glass shower solution is not an insignificant investment. We encourage all of our customers to compare quotes from several reputable glass companies to have peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality product for the lowest possible price. Here’s how Glass Ninja stands out compared to its competitors:

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