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Sliding glass shower doors could be the change you’ve been looking for, why bother with the hassle of shower curtains when you could be living with the ultra-convenient sliding door. Although there are so many great options on the market right now, sliding doors provide the best protection against water leakage while upholding the convenience promised by all of our products.



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Sliding Glass Shower Doors Systems


This is the standard economical option

Our CRL Deluxe 180 Degree Serenity Series Sliding System has an entirely different look from traditional sliding systems. The use of minimal hardware provides a frameless look that gives the enclosure an almost floating appearance. Specially designed roller bearings allow for quiet and easy opening and closing of the door. One sliding panel and one fixed panel make the Deluxe Serenity Series both practical and beautiful.


This is the only system that features dual bi-parting doors.

The Cambridge Series Two Door Bypass Sliding Shower Door System utilizes a modern top roller fitting that features four rollers on each door for ease of sliding. This quiet, smooth sliding system is made of high-quality stainless steel, thus ensuring easy opening and closing of the door. The Cambridge Series Sliding Shower Door System is versatile in design, able to adapt to full-standing showers or above bathtubs. A 90 Degree Accessory Kit may be purchased separately for use with 90-degree return panels. Available in either polished stainless steel brushed stainless steel, or matte black. The Cambridge Sliding System will work with 3/8″ or 5/16″ (10 or 8 mm) thick tempered glass (Glass will be included).


The CRL Essence Series Basic Sliding Door Kit is a headerless system that offers a frameless appearance both vertically and horizontally. Smooth and quiet operation is the cornerstone of the Essence Series. Water management is achieved horizontally via the use of the bottom track, and vertically with the use of our DK98L Clear Seal. The anti-derail/anti-pinch guard features of the curved-shaped bottom rollers make them unique. The Essence Series is for use with only 1/2″ (12 mm) thick tempered safety glass (Glass will be included). Stocked in four popular finishes.


The location of the bar is above the glass, giving a larger opening for the entrance and a hidden mechanism inside the bar.

The CRL 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Installation requires the 180 Degree Standard Kit, plus the 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Accessory Kit for the installation. Individual or replacement parts can also be ordered. Bottom Fixed Glass Attachments and Handles or Knobs must be ordered separately. The kit comes with complete fabrication and installation instructions. Glass will be included

Sliding Glass Shower Doors Features And Benefits

3 Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning And Maintenance Convenience

Don’t bother with the hassle of grungy shower curtains that end up getting dirty after a couple of uses, instead, glass sliding doors can be quickly and easily cleaned, allowing you to avoid the headache. As long as you have the right cleaning solvent, cleaning a glass door just takes a couple of swipes and you’re done! Plus you can give the glass a quick spray down every time you shower without the worry of leakage or water damage.

Illuminated And Spacious

Constantly changing the lights in your bathroom but seeing no change in the overall visibility? Well, you can save the lightbulbs, having a glass shower door opens up your bathroom and allows more light to enter the room. The glass not only reflects the light from windows and lighting fixtures but also lets light enter your shower giving you better vibes every time you shower.

Valued Home

Whether you are looking to sell, get an appraisal, or rent out your property, making simple innovations around your home is a guaranteed way to increase your property value. Adding glass shower doors is a great way to increase your property value, meaning a small investment can turn into a great return for any of your properties.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors Systems

Sliding shower doors are a great innovative way to improve the decor and Fengshui of your home. These sliding doors add beauty, a high-end look and a good return on investment (midrange homes with bathroom remodelling projects including shower doors had a 65% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine’s recent Cost vs. Value report). If you like the sliding shower door design then you should check out our other  Shower Doors and Enclosures models, they are just as innovative and provide the same level of water leakage protection.

Diamon-Fusion Protective Coating

What Is Diamond-Fusion?

Diamon-Fusion is a leading class Glass coating that provides an extra layer of protection from water stains and residue. Diamon-Fusion turns regular glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface that prevents staining and streaks.

How It Works

Although glass appears to be smooth, it’s actually quite a rough material on a microscopic level. Dirt, grime, minerals, and soap can cause stains on your glass by getting stuck on the rough surface. Diamon-Fusion creates an invisible sealant that covers the glass completely, sealing it from outside bacteria.

Cleaning Solutions

Most chemical and natural cleaners are completely fine to use with Diamon-Fusion without harming the coating. Due to the strength and durability of the sealant, you can continue to clean your glass as you regularly would without any worries! Some verified cleaning solutions include: Ammonia Free Windex, Diluted Vinegar, Any Natural Glass or Surface Cleaner

Step 6: Ensure Top Quality, Price & Experience

There are several different types of shower styles and configurations to choose from. Your choice will typically depend on your aesthetic preference, the specifications of your bathroom, as well as your budget. The best first question to ask is – do you want a glassed in shower solution or a flat glass shower door? If you are not sure of the best shower configuration for you, one of our glass ninjas will be ecstatic to help you.

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If I could give six stars, I would. Glad that I engaged them to install glass railings in our house. Efficient, professional and responsive. Good at what they do. Happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking at installing glass railings. Thank you.

Amazing service by Glass Ninja. From the quoting phase to Vlad the PM, and Ulysses the installer finishing the work during COVID was exceptional. They were accommodating, punctual, communicative, professional, personable, reasonable and delivered a quality product.

They are worthy of more than 5 stars. They surpassed their customer service and delivery. Prompt communications and excellent service from everyone I encountered from placing the order until delivery. Kudos to you guys for providing excellent service and accommodating customers needs. I will absolutely recommend them and I hope to use their service again for future projects.

Glass Ninja was very responsive and prompt. I did most of the arrangements over the phone with minimal disruptions. Install was fast and seamless. The installers were respectful of our space and friendly.

We have had a wonderful experience with the Glass Ninja Team! Vlad is always on top of everything whether it’s the estimation or follow up stages. All the installers are knowledgeable and really comfortable to be working with. The whole team is friendly and professional and they know what they are doing!! I would highly recommend Glass Ninja and looking forward to future projects as well!!

Hubby and I decided we wanted a Glass enclosure for our standing shower in our Ensuite and I saw all the great reviews for Glass Ninja and we decided to approach them. From day one until they installed our enclosure, we were very happy with everything. THANK YOU so much guys and sorry for being such pests 🙂

Beautiful job as usual from Glass Ninja. Professional and clean job. They treat your home like their own. These days with Covid, weather... war... delays happen, but they were courteous, responsive and accommodating.

Glass Ninja was great to deal with, from planning stage to install. They provided helpful feedback, clear pricing and timelines. Their price was excellent and the install was quick, clean and to a high standard. Would definitely do business with them again.

We are general contractors and we always deal with Ninja when it comes to the glass railing. Their work is professional, looks good. They are easy to work with and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend!

Amazing service by Glass Ninja. From the quoting phase to Vlad the PM, and Ulysses the installer finishing the work during COVID was exceptional. They were accommodating, punctual, communicative, professional, personable, reasonable and delivered a quality product.

Had a pleasure working with glass ninja, they did a wonderful job when updating our showers. Everything was done on time and with high quality and care. Would definitely recommend them!

Great service I had 3 glass shower Enclosure done from them ninja glass very professional and courteous from beginning of the process till the end highly recommended