Restaurant and dining room mirror installation services

One of the best places to have a mirror is in the dining room. Restaurants have full-length mirrors to make the dining area look more expansive and to help brighten the space. You can also do this at home, by simply placing a mirror in a position that reflects light and gives the room an airy feel. Having a mirror in the dining room can modernize your space and make you feel like you are eating at a classy restaurant even if you aren’t!

dining room mirror

dining room mirror

restaurant mirror

dining room mirror

Dining room and restaurant mirror

Restaurant and dining room mirror

Restaurant mirror

restaurant mirror

Open up and brighten your restaurant and dining area with custom mirrors


An oversized mirror works well in a dining space, the sheer size of the mirror reflects most of the areas in the room, which in most cases, allows guests to admire themselves and any potential view. Not only can a mirror in the dining room match or contrast your colour scheme, but it is also a beautiful statement piece that guests will surely remember.

Open up and brighten your restaurant or home dining room area with a beautiful display of custom mirrors! They Brighten, Expand, and create a sense of elegance to the area, which also creates a welcoming atmosphere guests will love. Because our designs are done in-house, we’re able to cover your project from start to finish, no matter how large or small. If you like the idea of restaurant mirrors, then check out our lobby mirrors page for more awesome inspirational designs. 

bar mirror
High-Quality Custom-Made Mirrors 

A huge mirror works wonders in a formal dining room. No matter the kind of space or area, our master technicians can custom make and install the mirror plating to perfectly reflect your dreams. 

We’ve handled the full installation of mirrored dining areas for hotels, restaurants, and even residential applications. With so many of our happy customers coming back for more of our awesome service, we can offer the guarantee that your project will be completed to your exact designs, and our quick installation process will barely inconvenience you or your customers. 

Mirrors are a functional and stylish way to decorate any home or business, they help increase light reflection and depth perception, making rooms appear lighter and larger. They can add a touch of class to a plain wall or piece of furniture. As part of our comprehensive glass services, we sell, install, repair, and replace mirrors throughout Southern Ontario, Canada, at very competitive prices. Our inventory includes a full range of shapes, sizes, and styles, that we can customize to perfectly suit the needs of you, your dining space, and your customers.



Whatever you’re looking for, whether it is a large statement piece mirror or a smaller bathroom mirror, we at Glass Ninja offer a wide selection of mirror designs to suit any purpose. We can provide antique mirrors, coloured mirrors or tinted mirrors to meet any of your needs. 


  • In order to liven up space and make it appear larger, we use our mirrors to reflect the are in your room, providing a better view and a larger space perception. 
  • We design our mirrors to either be the focal point of your space or perfectly reflect your main attraction. Looking to show off some awards? We can custom design our mirrors to perfectly reflect whatever you have on display so that they can be seen from anywhere in the room! 
  • Guests love looking at themselves, even when they eat! A mirror in your dining area or leading up to your dining area gives guests a chance to check themselves out and snap a selfie. Don’t disappoint your guests, install the perfect mirror for all of their needs and yours.

If you are interested in glass design then our team here at Glass Ninja will promise you perfection, and always the successful completion of the project. Glass Ninja offers its services to a range of businesses and homes across Southern Ontario, if you are interested in getting mirrors installed in your home or business dining area, then fill out the form below to book your free service quote! One of our technicians will always be happy and ready to help with any of your questions or concerns, don’t wait, install dining area mirrors today to liven up your space!

"Mirrors have come to mean much more than the original ‘looking glass.’ They are now a part of the decorative scheme of a modern home. By using them, there are no dark, gloomy corners, no drab caverns for halls. There can be a feeling of freedom, light, air, space."

-Dorothy Draper

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