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We’ve Spent The Last Decade Building And Refining Our Entire Process From Sales To Installations To Make The Experience As Smooth As Possible For Our Customers As Well As Staff. Please See Below Our Terms, Conditions And Warranty Information For Every One Of Our Glass, Mirror, Windows And Door Projects.

  • 1. Quotation pricing is valid for sixty (30) days. After 30 days Glass Ninja reserves the right to issue a new quotation with new pricing as required.
  • 2. To confirm an order, the customer must sign the issued work order, and place a 50% deposit prior to work beginning. If the job amount exceeds $4000 before taxes, a 35% payment is required on delivery of material, with the final balance due on job completion. Production time will commence from date both the deposit and signed work order are received by Glass Ninja.
  • 3. By signing the work order or estimate, the customer has agreed to Glass Ninja Terms and Conditions.
  • 4. Once the order has been approved by the customer, and the production has begun, the order cannot be changed, cancelled, or returned.
  • 5. Quotations are prepared based on information provided by the customer (drawings, glass type, sizes, hardware, additional requirements etc.). If any of the glass or hardware information for quotation changes, Glass Ninja will re-quote the project to reflect the changes.
  • 6. Unless otherwise stated, all applicable taxes are extra.
  • 7. Production times are estimates only. Production times will fluctuate depending on current schedule, and availability of materials. Customers should contact Glass Ninja to confirm current production times.
  • 8. Installation may require multiple site visits including measurements, adjustments, glass and hardware adjustment and replacements. In the rare occasion the glass needs to be re-fabricated, glass is placed in priority queue to speed up project delivery. No guarantees can be made regarding project completion timelines.
  • 9. Glass Ninja is responsible for accuracy of measurements taken by Glass Ninja technicians, and any errors resulting in glass re-fabrication due to incorrect measurements will not be billed to the customer. Any changes made to the scope of the work including preferred glass sizes resulting in re-cuts, will be billed to the client.
  • 10. Customer is responsible for reviewing final drawings to check for design, overall sizes, and hardware selections. Any changes should be requested prior to signing the work order.
  • 11. Glass Ninja warrants its products and installation to be free of defects of material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of invoice, unless otherwise stated on Glass Ninja work order confirmation. In the even the product should fail within two (2) years after the date of the invoice, Glass Ninja shall correct such defects by suitable repair or replacement without charge.
  • 12. Glass Ninja does not warrant against glass breakage for any reason once the project is considered completed.
  • 13. Glass Ninja is not responsible for damage caused by improper use, negligence, or accidental damage.
  • 14. Railing installation- it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the existing support such as roofs, decks, stair stringers, etc are built adequately to support the railing. Engineering inspection is strongly advised prior to installation of railings. Glass Ninja is not responsible for providing, hiring, or facilitating engineering inspections or reports. All railing installations are built as in accordance with the municipal code, and to hardware manufacturer’s specifications. Prefabricated hardware engineering stamped drawings are available upon request. To learn more about preparing the support for railings, visithttps://glassninja.com/glass-railings/exterior-glass-railings/ and read the “Preparing The Area” article.
  • 15. Shower installation-Frameless glass shower enclosures are designed to deter water from escaping the built enclosure. There is no guarantee against water splashing or leaking from under swing or sliding doors. Glass Ninja is responsible for following hardware manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a stable proper operation of sliding and swing doors. Shower threshold and inner tiles must be built with an inward slope to ensure proper drainage. Leaks caused by improper drainage are not covered by Glass Ninja. Shower enclosures are not sealed around door openings. With seals and sweeps, some water may escape the enclosure.
  • 16. Under no circumstances will Glass Ninja be liable for incidental or consequential charge such as, but not limited to, inconvenience, damage or injury to persons or to property, or any other expense.