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Do you want to give your kitchen a little more style and sophistication? Look no farther than a backsplash made of mirrors. This gorgeous design element gives your kitchen a cosmetic boost while also providing useful advantages. We are professional mirror backsplash installers in Toronto. Prepare to make your kitchen a chic and contemplative area with Glass Ninja.

Professional Mirror Backsplash Installation Toronto

A mirror backsplash can be simple, straightforward, and stylish, while simultaneously providing the best protection against stains and damage to your kitchen walls. Our backsplashes are simply uniquely designed mirror that has been applied all along the countertop between the base of the wall and the bottom of your cabinets. The coverage of our backsplashes provides the best protection against stains and damage on your walls, the design keeps out unwanted food splatters and water sprinkling. Mirrored electrical outlet covers add the final touch for a cohesive look, these make the backsplash appear seamless while placed over your walls. Contact Glass Ninja today for professional mirror backsplash installation in Toronto and GTA.

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Revamp Your Kitchen’s Design With Our Mirror Backsplash

From measure to installation, we’ve got your back. Our dedicated team will oversee the customization of the perfect mirror solution and will have it installed quickly and professionally! Stop worrying about stains and water damage on your walls, a backsplash can provide the best kind of protection to keep your home looking beautiful and elegant. Today’s mirror treatments are so varied that it’s easy to find a style that can work in your home. From traditional to antiqued, a mirror can add light, space, and bling to improve the overall essence of your home. Choose a fantastic mirror backsplash to see how will fit and boost into your kitchen’s design.

Our custom-designed backsplashes can be cut and molded to fit the layout of your kitchen perfectly. Our team will make all of the necessary adjustments so that the backsplash does not interfere with any outlets or lights you may have above your countertops. Simply send us the design you prefer the best, and all of the measurements, then our team will streamline the design and installation process so that you can have your beautiful backsplash ready to show off to your family and friends. Glass Ninja offers custom mirrors and custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect mirror installation. Don’t wait, and enjoy beautiful custom-made backsplash today. Check out our dining room mirrors page for more awesome glass designs and innovations to inspire your next mirror project.

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4 Reasons To Say To Get Mirror Backsplash Installation

  • Mirror glass backsplashes are incredibly easy to clean. Let’s face it, grout is a pain! With a mirror or glass backsplash, you can say goodbye to grout lines!
  • Mirrors really open up space. Avoid dark corners or narrow-looking areas, with the usage of mirrors your kitchen will look far more open concept and will have increased visibility due to the extra light reflection.
  • Mirror or glass is a unique alternative to traditional tile and paint. When you see a mirror backsplash, you’ll never forget it, you can leave a lasting impression on your friends and family!
  • We can’t forget the price benefit! While prices vary, mirror glass backsplash is usually half the price of decorative tile. A mirror is, overall, cheaper per square foot than traditional tiles. Labour costs are also relatively low due to the short installation times!
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Contact Glass Ninja for Bathroom Vanity Mirror Installation in Toronto

For all your bathroom vanity mirror needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Glass Ninja. We’re here to help you create a bathroom that combines functionality and aesthetics. With our wide range of mirror options and exceptional customer service, we’re confident that we can assist you in finding the ideal mirror for your bathroom. Contact us today and let us transform your space into something truly remarkable.

Design Options for Mirror Backsplashes

Mirror backsplashes are a flexible design option because they come in a range of designs, sizes, and forms. You may choose a mirror backsplash that matches your kitchen’s overall design theme and personal style, from sleek and contemporary to vintage and baroque.

Whole Wall Mirrors: For a striking and seamless design, choose a whole wall mirror backsplash. This option adds a bit of refinement and reflects the surroundings, and it works especially well in modern kitchens.

Mirror tiles: Due to their versatility in design and installation, mirror tiles are a popular option for backsplashes. Square, rectangular, or even mosaic mirror tiles can be used to make one-of-a-kind patterns or groupings that give your kitchen a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

Antique mirrors: If you want to give your backsplash a retro or shabby-chic look, think about utilizing antique mirrors. The aged and distressed appearance gives the kitchen personality and charm while establishing a distinctive focal point.

Framed Mirrors: To add a sense of luxury and to visually separate your mirror backsplash from the other walls, frame it with a beautiful border. To match the decor of your kitchen, pick from a variety of frame designs like metal, wood, and elaborate patterns.

Why Choose Glass Ninja for Mirror Backsplash Toronto?

In terms of quality and style, Glass Ninja is the best option for mirror backsplashes. Why you ought to pick us for Mirror Backsplash Toronto is as follows:

Superior Craftsmanship: Our talented craftspeople take pleasure in their attention to detail and work tirelessly to make sure that your mirror backsplash is properly made.

Options for customization: We are aware that every kitchen is different. Because of this, we provide a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create a backsplash that truly matches your style. These possibilities range from the size and form of the mirrors to the finishes and designs.

Premium Quality Materials: To ensure endurance and durability, we exclusively use the best materials. Our mirror backsplashes are made of superior glass that is stain, heat, and moisture resistant, making them ideal for use in the kitchen.

Enhance area and Light: Mirror backsplashes brighten your kitchen and give the impression of a wider, more open area while reflecting natural light.

Simple Maintenance: Our mirror backsplashes are very simple to clean and maintain. They have a smooth surface that makes it simple to clean up spills and splatters, keeping your kitchen spotless.

Professional Installation: Our experienced professional installers will ensure a smooth and secure installation of your mirror backsplash, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

By selecting Glass Ninja for your mirror backsplash, you can create a chic and up-to-date culinary sanctuary in your kitchen. Call us right away to schedule a consultation so we can make your vision a reality!

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Your kitchen can be completely transformed by a mirror backsplash, which adds a touch of class, appeal, and functionality. You may enjoy a magnificent mirror backsplash that improves the beauty of your kitchen for years to come by comprehending the benefits, investigating numerous design alternatives, following the installation process, and applying regular maintenance and care. With this distinctive and fashionable design decision, embrace the reflecting allure and make a statement in your kitchen with our Mirror Backsplash Service in Toronto.

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If I could give six stars, I would. Glad that I engaged them to install glass railings in our house. Efficient, professional and responsive. Good at what they do. Happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking at installing glass railings. Thank you.

Amazing service by Glass Ninja. From the quoting phase to Vlad the PM, and Ulysses the installer finishing the work during COVID was exceptional. They were accommodating, punctual, communicative, professional, personable, reasonable and delivered a quality product.

They are worthy of more than 5 stars. They surpassed their customer service and delivery. Prompt communications and excellent service from everyone I encountered from placing the order until delivery. Kudos to you guys for providing excellent service and accommodating customers needs. I will absolutely recommend them and I hope to use their service again for future projects.

Glass Ninja was very responsive and prompt. I did most of the arrangements over the phone with minimal disruptions. Install was fast and seamless. The installers were respectful of our space and friendly.

We have had a wonderful experience with the Glass Ninja Team! Vlad is always on top of everything whether it’s the estimation or follow up stages. All the installers are knowledgeable and really comfortable to be working with. The whole team is friendly and professional and they know what they are doing!! I would highly recommend Glass Ninja and looking forward to future projects as well!!

Hubby and I decided we wanted a Glass enclosure for our standing shower in our Ensuite and I saw all the great reviews for Glass Ninja and we decided to approach them. From day one until they installed our enclosure, we were very happy with everything. THANK YOU so much guys and sorry for being such pests 🙂

Beautiful job as usual from Glass Ninja. Professional and clean job. They treat your home like their own. These days with Covid, weather... war... delays happen, but they were courteous, responsive and accommodating.

Glass Ninja was great to deal with, from planning stage to install. They provided helpful feedback, clear pricing and timelines. Their price was excellent and the install was quick, clean and to a high standard. Would definitely do business with them again.

We are general contractors and we always deal with Ninja when it comes to the glass railing. Their work is professional, looks good. They are easy to work with and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend!

Amazing service by Glass Ninja. From the quoting phase to Vlad the PM, and Ulysses the installer finishing the work during COVID was exceptional. They were accommodating, punctual, communicative, professional, personable, reasonable and delivered a quality product.

Had a pleasure working with glass ninja, they did a wonderful job when updating our showers. Everything was done on time and with high quality and care. Would definitely recommend them!

Great service I had 3 glass shower Enclosure done from them ninja glass very professional and courteous from beginning of the process till the end highly recommended