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Glass Ninja is an industry leader in manufacturing and installing glass shower doors around Toronto and the GTA. We install custom glass doors designed for the unique needs and selected budgets of our clients, and we care to assist them in setting up the glass shower doors of their dreams.

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Custom Glass Shower Door Services in Toronto: Our Process

Life is too short for shower curtains. Why? Well – curtains get easily dirty, accumulate mould and don’t contain steam and humidity like glass doors! Besides, glass shower doors are convenient and easy to maintain – that is why homeowners in Toronto strongly prefer glass doors for their bathrooms.

When our clients outline their needs and wants to us, our professional team at Glass Ninja does its best to provide stellar services and results. We design, manufacture and install custom glass shower doors that will better suit the various bathroom styles and the different needs of our clients.
At Glass Ninja, we fabricate custom shower door solutions for our fellow Toronto residents. Taking precise measurements of any shower enclosure is essential, and homeowners can do so on their own – or let us do it for them. These measurements will help our professional team determine the most efficient way of fabricating the shower glass doors our clients want.

How We Work: Our Step by Step Process

As the first step of our manufacturing process, we require you to choose the shower door you wish to have, select your preferred hardware setup and determine the glass style and finish you want. This is how our process goes:

Glass Shower Door Models We Offer

Glass Ninja offers a variety of glass shower door models for our clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Here are a few examples:

Folding shower door

Folding Shower Door & Enclosures

Our bi-fold glass shower door requires no extra space. This glass shower door model is easy to install regardless of the hardware or the thickness of the glass!
With folding shower doors and enclosures, you can have an elegant small bathroom appear much larger than it is.

In-line Bathtub Glass Enclosures

With this particular glass shower door model, homeowners can add a modern touch to their bathrooms thanks to the clean and professional look that in-line glass doors offer. In-line enclosures are simple to install and provide the perfect solution for any bathroom with tub areas.
If you wish to install in-line bath enclosures, contact Glass Ninja, and our professional team will hinge your in-line glass door from a wall or an adjacent glass panel – and the final result will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, regardless of the process.

Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors Installation Toronto

Glass shower doors are very convenient and easy to maintain. You can gain many benefits from investing in glass shower doors in Toronto.
Some of these benefits are:

1) Convenient to Clean and Maintain

There is no need for you to bother with the hassle of maintaining shower curtains – after all, curtains only get dirty and accumulate mold after a couple of uses.

Instead, you can get glass sliding doors, neo-angle doors or corner glass doors, for example. You can easily clean different models of glass doors – as long as you have the proper cleaning solvent, then cleaning a glass door just takes a couple of swipes! 

Plus, you can give the glass a quick spray down after you finish showering without worrying about leakage or water damage. Glass shower doors are much easier to clean, and the efficiency lasts for a very long time.

2) It Provides Space and Better Lighting

Changing the lightbulbs may not be the right solution if your bathroom constantly looks dim. By installing a glass shower door, you not only open up the space of your Toronto bathroom but also allow more light to enter.

3) Adds Value to Toronto Homes

Renovating a bathroom increases the sale value of your home – so why not install a glass door to your shower? Either you opt for a neo-angle door or sliding door, you can quickly provide your bathroom with more space, clarity and an open concept that will attract many potential buyers.

Installing a glass shower door is a small investment that significantly increases the selling price of your house in Toronto.

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We work hard to provide Toronto residents with high-quality glass doors, following a careful step-by-step design and manufacturing process to obtain 100% customer satisfaction from our services. Check the glass shower doors we offer clients in Toronto and the GTA, and reach out to us at 1-833-652-2603 to get a free quote today! 

FAQ on Glass Shower Door Installation Toronto

How much will it cost me to install my Toronto shower glass door?

The price depends on the shower glass door you wish to get, the thickness of the glass and the dimensions of your space. Contact Glass Ninja today for a free quote, and we will be happy to assist you.

What type of shower glass door does Glass Ninja install?

We design, fabricate and install customized glass shower doors for all our Toronto clients. We can provide the best sliding doors, corner glass doors, folding shower doors or neo-angle glass shower doors in the Greater Toronto Area!

Is it easy to maintain a glass shower door?

Glass shower doors are very simple to maintain. Homeowners only need a gentle glass cleaning product and a sponge or squeegee to clean their shower doors effectively.


If you’re ready to turn your bathroom into a beautiful and modern oasis, call GlassNinja at +1 (833) 344-5277 to talk to our glass designers and get started.

Glass Ninja offers an Industry-Leading 2-year Installation Warranty as well as a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all parts and hardware. Rest assured your projects are in safe hands.

If you want to know more, please read our Warranty Information page.

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