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Put your brand in front of your consumers

Our strategy combines Facebook and Google Ads to effectively target consumers in the glass industry. Facebook is utilized for its affordability in increasing brand awareness, while Google Ads precisely targets customers actively searching for glass products.

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web design

Beautifully crafted websites for the Glass industry

Our web design expertise focuses on creating sleek, user-friendly websites for glass suppliers. Our custom websites are individually designed and optimized to generate leads and phone calls. Your brand, your products, your story, where it matters most.

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Social media strategy geared towards conversions

In our social media strategy, we utilize both Instagram and Facebook to effectively position your brand in front of dedicated consumers within the glass industry. These platforms are key in targeting and engaging the right audience, ensuring that your content reaches and resonates with glass industry consumers.

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Enhancing Brand Impact and Customer Engagement

In the realm of glass supply, compelling print materials are key to capturing your customers attention. Brochures, flyers, and other physical marketing tools are not just informational but a reflection of your brand’s quality and aesthetic.

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Google Ad Management
Social Media Management
Basic SEO
Daily Facebook & Kijiji Posting
Website Updates
x1 New Landing Page / mo
Classifieds Ads Management
x1 Email Marketing Newsletter
Print Marketing Materials

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