What Are the Best Ways to Clean Shower Glass Doors?| Effective Tips

If you have recently installed glass shower doors in your bathroom, you most likely are aware of the significant increase in the sale value of your house and of the open space and extra comfort you now have in your bathroom – but in order to maintain such value, you must learn what the best way to clean your glass shower doors is. In this blog, we will give tips to keep your glass shower doors clean for a longer time.

The Best and Most Effective Ways to Clean Glass Shower Doors

One of the benefits of acquiring glass doors for your shower lies in shower doors being very easy to clean. Unlike shower curtains, glass doors do not accumulate mould or let moisture condensate the entire bathroom – glass shower doors are effective in keeping water inside the shower box and retaining all moisture, and that is why these doors are straightforward to clean. 

Here are some practical ways that you can start cleaning your glass shower doors:

Use Squeegee After Showering

Squeegees are one of the best ways to remove hard water stains from your glass shower doors. After showering, you can take advantage of the warm water and let it naturally clean up any dirt or soap scum, and then move on to using your squeegee.

To start, place your squeegee at the top of your glass shower door and move it all the way down to the bottom of your door with light pressure – and repeat this motion until you finish wiping all the water drops from your door. Afterward, you can use dry cloths to wipe your glass or simply let any remaining drops evaporate.

Allow for Ventilation in Your Shower Area

A lot of ventilation can help prevent hard water stains or mould from accumulating in your shower box and bathroom since there will be no chance for a lot of moisture to remain or for water leaks to happen. Ample ventilation will allow water to evaporate quicker, so make sure you leave any doors or windows open and leave your fan on.

Use Vinegar or Talc-free Soap

Distilled white vinegar mixed with dish soap creates a great solution to remove soap scum. All you have to do is heat the vinegar and mix it with liquid detergent, letting the mixture sit on your glass shower door for a little while in order to absorb any grime. Then, use water to rinse the solution and wipe the glass with a dry cloth.

You can also use undiluted white vinegar instead of distilled vinegar – and mix it with tea tree oil. This mixture easily cleans sliding glass door tracks overnight and has antibacterial properties – it makes up for one of the best shower door cleaners, as long as you don’t mix it with bleach.

Talc-free soaps avoid soap scum that general bar soaps produce. You can still use the white vinegar solutions, but switching your bar soaps to talc-free soaps or liquid soaps does make a big difference in keeping your glass shower door clean for longer.

Use Commercial Cleaners

If you are dealing with stubborn water stains, commercial cleaners make up for the best glass shower door cleaners for hard water removal. High-quality products have a pH of 7 or 8 and don’t damage the surface of your glass shower door.

To apply commercial cleaners, ensure that your glass door is dry, and let the solution sit for a few minutes before scrubbing your doors and wiping the solution with paper towels. And don’t forget – wear gloves and avoid acid-based cleaners.

The Best Cleaners for Shower Glass Doors

As mentioned, there are different ways to clean glass shower doors effectively with different products and solutions – there is not one super cleaner, but rather many components that act as great options for you to clean your shower glass doors.

For essential supplies, you need sponges, squeegees, spray bottles, vinegar, cloths or baking soda, and upon mixing these ingredients, you can make the best cleaning solutions for hard water stains on glass doors.

You can effectively clean your glass shower doors using a baking soda-water paste and rinsing it with vinegar – the paste itself can be a solution of baking soda with white vinegar, and you use water to rinse it off. Another alternative to baking soda is to use borax.

Ammonia and lemon juice are also great cleaning options – ammonia is excellent for removing heavy soap scum and water stains. Lemon juice is a more fragrant and fresh alternative to white vinegar, and ammonia is very effective so long as you use gloves and keep your windows open!

Keeping Your Glass Shower Doors Clean – How To Do It and How Often

The first step to keeping your glass shower doors clean is to mix the proper solution first – water with baking soda or with white vinegar, ammonia or lemon juice. Choose any solution of your preference, or purchase commercial cleaning products. You can also change the soaps in your shower to avoid soap scum.

It is essential that you properly dry any moisture and let your bathroom receive ventilation often. On a daily basis, you can wipe your glass shower doors with squeegees, dry cloths or sponges, and perform a deep cleaning once a week, at least, with vinegar and detergent. 

You can use commercial cleaners less often, especially if you already have homemade solutions available to you. With effective cleaning, you can use commercial cleaners once a month.

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What’s the best thing to clean glass shower doors with?

Using commercial cleaning solutions is the best way to clean glass shower doors.

How can I make my shower glass clean?

You can use commercial cleaners or mix homemade water solutions with white vinegar or baking soda to keep shower glass clean.

What removes hard water stains from glass shower doors?

White vinegar solutions or high-quality commercial cleaners are the best way to remove hard water stains from glass shower doors. Or you can simply use your squeegee and remove the water right away.

How do I keep my shower glass spotless?

Mix warm white vinegar with water or use a baking soda solution, letting the mixture sit for a few minutes. For a spotless shine, rinse the solutions off your doors and wipe them with dry cloth.

How to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains?

To clean glass shower doors with hard water stains we can use:
– Sponges, squeegees, spray bottles, vinegar, cloths or baking soda
– Ammonia and lemon juice
– Commercial cleaners

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