How to Avoid a Contractor and Window Replacement with 4 DIY Steps

Old, drafty windows can make your house feel cold and uncomfortable. Their energy inefficiency can also lead to soaring heating bills that can take a big bite out of your wallet. 

Don’t freak out! There is no need to replace these types of windows, instead, there are things you can do to retain more heat inside your home without the headache of replacement. 

Sealing window leaks and layering several barriers between old windows and your home’s interior can make you feel cozier inside while leaving more money in your wallet. Why break the bank replacing a window when a simple DIY project can save you time and money. 

4 DIY Steps to Avoid Contractor for Window Replacement

If you want to learn how to keep your home warm, and how to avoid calling a contractor, follow the steps below! 

Bust out the Trusty Caulking! 

Before you start caulking all around your window, run your hand along the inside perimeter of your windows to check for cold air seeping inside. Also, keep an eye out for any gaps or tiny holes you may see, sometimes it’s easier to see a problem than feel one. 

Seal any visible holes or cracks with beads of silicone caulk, and ensure you cover every spot necessary. Silicone Caulk is great to use for this kind of job because it’s flexible, waterproof, long-lasting and made of durable material. 

Attach weather stripping around the interior perimeter of your windows to help make your home airtight. Measure each side of your window to determine the amount of weather stripping you’ll need. You can use adhesive-backed foam or tape weather stripping that comes in a variety of widths that you can cut to fit your window measurements.

Inserts, Inserts, Inserts! 

A window insert is a clear, lightweight polyvinyl film that’s set in a custom-made frame to fit over your old windows, it is best to install window inserts directly over your interior windows. Window inserts are a perfect fix for older windows, they simply latch right on in seconds. 

 To install, press the inserts into place along your window, ensure that you have properly placed the cover and all parts are latched properly. The inserts are perfect for Canadian life, for the winter simply pop them on, and easily pop them out during the summer. 

Insets are made of a strong and durable material that is meant to last, meaning these inserts could keep your home warm for more than 10 winters. Inserts are a quick and easy fix to an old window problem, and they are stronger than Plastic Film. 

Add Some Thermal Insulation

Hang thermal-back drapes over your old windows to provide an insulating barrier between the window and your home’s interior spaces. These barriers keep the cold from entering your home but are flexible enough to open and let some light in

To install, use Velcro to attach the drapes to the sides of the wall for maximum insulation, hang curtains above the top of the window and allow the bottom edge to touch the window sill or the floor to completely cover the window.

These draperies are a quick and easy way to keep your home warmer, whether you have an old window or not. On a cold winter day, the curtain will keep all the wind and cold from seeping into your home, keeping you and your family warmer. 

Forget the Caulk, Use Your Wood

Install window shutters on your home’s exterior. Solid-panel wooden shutters can be closed to provide an additional barrier to help keep heat inside your home. These shutters are an excellent option for keeping your home warmer without breaking the bank. 

Shutters come in a variety of styles and patterns, allowing you to purchase one that matches the exterior of your home. If you’ve got fantastic decorative mirrors, you can purchase decorative shutters that will accent this design and improve the look of your home. With these shutters, you get to improve the look of your home and increase the warmth inside, two problems, one great solution. 

There you have it, four do-it-yourself solutions that can be added to the honey-do list this weekend to save you the cost and headache of a replacement. Remember, all you need to do is: 

  1. Caulk the area around your window or any gaps/holes 
  2. Buy and install some handy window inserts
  3. Add some extra insulation by installing thermal drapes 
  4. And install some shutters over your window to keep you inside warmer and outside prettier

This winter season avoid the headache of replacing your windows, instead follow these simple DIY tips to keep your family and your home warmer this winter season. 

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