Are Shower Doors Tempered With Glass? Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Having glass installed as a shower door instead of curtains can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a bathroom and, consequently, even increase the value of a property. Homeowners make a good investment with glass-tempered doors and can enjoy the benefits this material brings. 

This blog will explain the incredible advantages of installing glass tempered doors in a shower bathroom and why Glass Ninja is the number one place for clients to trust with their shower doors.

What is Tempered Glass?

First things first – tempered glass is an enhancement of regular glass. It is four times more durable and much stronger as well, reducing the sharpness of broken pieces. The process consists of cutting the glass to its desired shape and cleaning it before tempering takes place.

Tempered glass is normally safer than regular glass since it is much thicker and resistant, and if it does shatter, the tempered glass turns into small and round pieces rather than sharp ones. Tempered glasses are also very easy and simple to clean – a simple glass cleaner and a squeegee can do the trick, and a solution of warm water with vinegar can remove more stubborn stains.

Are Shower Doors Made of Tempered Glass?

Nowadays, the vast majority of glass shower doors are made of tempered glass due to the resistance, thickness and durability this type of shower glass offers – making it the most perfect and cost-effective option Toronto homeowners can invest in.

When tempering a glass shower door, the material goes inside an oven to then be cooled for a few seconds. In the cooling stage, the tempered glass is under high pressure, and its centre remains in tension while the borders compress, allowing the tempered glass to acquire strength. This process is very cost-effective for manufacturers.

What Are the Benefits of Tempered Glass Shower Doors?

Tempered glasses make for great shower doors, increasing the add-value of a house, and are very strong, durable glasses of easy maintenance. Still, there are a number of other benefits tempered glass shower doors can offer:

Enhanced Elegance in Any Bathroom

A tempered glass shower door adds elegance and luxury to a bathroom, regardless of the overall design of the space. And, as if this was not enough, shower glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to any preference homeowners have. 

Tempered Glass is Better for Personal Hygiene

Bathrooms are very prone to accumulate bacteria thanks to constant heat and humidity. With time, shower curtains can mould and require constant cleaning to eliminate microbes – and this reality does not happen with glass showers. Tempered glass has a non-porous surface, which stops bacteria from settling inside someone’s bath area, aside from being easy to clean – making it a perfect option for a glass shower door.

It is Resistant to Moisture

When exposed to too much humidity and heat over the years, regular glass panels can shatter – unlike tempered glass. Thanks to the high endurance provided during the tempering process, tempered glass shower doors hold more moisture and heating without needing much maintenance or losing the finish. 

Tempered Glass Shower Doors are Versatile 

Tempered glass shower doors can be customized into any enclosure homeowners wish for – making these shower doors provide a variety of design versatility. Tempered glass can be modified into any size or dimension, and homeowners can choose to obtain frosted glass, patterned glass, engraved glass, rain glass – and many other design models.

It is Scratch-proof

Since bathrooms are highly used spaces, glass shower doors can be very prone to damage or scratches. However, when tempered glass is used as doors, they offer a stronger resistance to wear and tear over time. With tempered glass doors, the glass looks new and clean for years.

Tempered Glass is Water-tight

With a glass-tempered door enclosure, bathroom floors do not stay wet and slippery since the water remains in the space until drying up. This water-tight feature present in tempered glasses ensures that no water drops spread across the bathroom floor, and homeowners don’t have to worry about wiping whenever they shower.

Glass-tempered shower doors are also:

  • Easy for homeowners to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and resistant to damage and wear and tear
  • Great for increasing the value of a house for potential buyers

Contact Glass Ninja For Your Glass Tempered Shower Doors Installation Today

With the help of our professional team at Glass Ninja, you can easily customize your tempered glass style or choose any configuration and setup you want to have. We offer clients a variety of glass door enclosures to choose from at affordable prices. 

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Are shower doors made with tempered glass?

The majority of shower doors nowadays are made with tempered glass.

Are there many types of tempered glass for shower doors?

Yes – glass ninja works with a variety of glass door models. Tempered glass doors are easily customizable for our clients’ tailored needs.

What tempered glass enclosures do Glass Ninja offer?

At Glass Ninja, we work with folding shower doors, sliding shower doors, in-line bathtub enclosures, neo-angle showers – and many more.

Which tempered glass should I use for my shower door?

There are many different options people opting for tempered shower glass doors can choose from. At Glass Ninja, we offer clear tempered glass, tinted tempered glass, frosted tempered glass, reflective tempered glass, laminated tempered glass – and much more!

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