How to Stop Your Windows from Freezing this Winter Season?

Window frozen shut again? A pretty big inconvenience when you’re trying to air out the house or let some fresh air in right? During the cold winters here in Canada it’s pretty common for windows to freeze shut, but this is a huge safety hazard and could potentially damage your window!

The best solution to a window freezing problem is simply installing a storm window, but for those of us who don’t want to break the bank, there are simple cost-effective methods that can be done from home! 

Check out the info below to learn about protecting your windows from freezing: 

Steps to Prevent Windows From Freezing this Winter Season

Keep the steam in the Bathroom, not the Windows  

Bathrooms get steamy, which is great for leaving messages on the mirror or making a fake sauna on a cold day, but all that steam might cause you more trouble than good.

Kitchens are another culprit of the moisture crime, cooking, boiling water, or even making tea increases the amount of moisture and humidity in the air. 

All of the moisture and humidity in your house collects on your windows in the form of condensation, this can be on the inside or outside of the window, either way, it has the potential to freeze. 

To decrease the collection of moisture on your windows try running your bathroom vents, this way the shower is nice and steamy when you’re in it, but gets sucked away before it can reach the window.

You can also do this in your kitchens by turning on your oven’s overhead fan, this sucks up all the extra moisture that isn’t in your food! 

Caulk it up 

Weather stripping caulk is a great way to seal up all of those holes around your window that are letting the cold air in, this will reduce the amount of condensation that forms on either side of your window. Sealing up your window frame stops moisture from forming and freezing on window panes. 

To seal your window up all you have to do is apply the caulking all around your window, try to hit as many little holes or gaps as possible.

Apply weather stripping to the bottom of a window sash and along seams where windows open and close. Caulk around the exterior of a window, sealing small gaps or cracks where air enters.

Caution, be careful when applying the caulking, try to avoid caulking along the seam where a window opens and closes, so you don’t accidentally caulk the window shut. Caulking your window shut will make it harder to open than when it’s frozen!

So be extremely careful when using this method on your windows. 

Bust out the De-Icer Spray

Spray de-icer on the outside of a window, along with the window opening, to keep it from freezing shut. De-icer contains ice-melting chemicals that prevent freezing, most de-icing products have immediate results and don’t last for long periods of time

Although De-Icer sprays work great, they take a couple of coats to work effectively. The best approach to this method is spraying down a window every couple of hours during a 24 hour period, this should be repeated bi-weekly, or as directed by the de-icer instructions

De-icers work great at keeping your windows from freezing shut, but one thing to keep in mind is that these sprays contain chemicals that belong on a window, not your home.

This spray should be applied to the outside of your window, and the windowpane, not the inside of the window. 

Insulate with Plastic Film 

Installing plastic shrink film on the inside of your windows provides insulation and reduces the likelihood of condensation collecting on your windows. This plastic barrier is a great method to keep all the heat and moisture inside your home instead of on your windows. 

Apply the plastic shrink film to the window with double-sided tape, window insulation kits with plastic shrink film and double-sided tape are usually available at most hardware stores like Home Depot. Once you have the plastic over your window simply use a hairdryer to heat it up, this will cause the plastic to suction to your windows. 

The best deal of plastic insulation is that it may make your window appear more attractive than before. Plastic shrink film causes windows to appear glossier and when installed correctly, you can’t even tell that it’s there! 

There you have it, the simple and effective way to keep your windows from freezing shut this winter, all you have to do is: 

  • Try to reduce condensation on your windows
  • Apply caulking to keep the warm in and the cold out
  • Throw on some De-Icer spray 
  • And insulate your windows with Plastic Shrink Wrap

This winter season make sure your windows are protected, otherwise, they may never open or cost you an arm and a leg to repair. 

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