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With bespoke mirror installation in Mississauga, transform your living area with Glass Ninja. We provide expert services to assist you in designing beautiful and unique decor. Installation, fitting, and replacement of custom wall mirrors are our team’s areas of expertise.

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Custom Wall Mirror Installation In Mississauga

Improve your home’s appearance by having a custom wall mirror installed in Mississauga. Your design preferences will be carefully considered by our knowledgeable experts as they develop custom mirror installations that best fit your space. Our bespoke wall mirrors enhance the elegance and give the impression of space in every room, from restrooms to living rooms of your home to restaurant and dining roomlobby and museum mirrorsbathrooms, vanitygyms, and more.

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Custom Mirror Fitting In

With our custom mirror fitting services, a perfect fit is guaranteed. Whether it’s for a particular wall, vanity, or closet, our experts will carefully measure your space and design mirrors that fit properly. Size, shape, frame style, and edge finishes are just a few of the many customization possibilities we provide, allowing you to design a mirror that expresses your own sense of style.

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Mirror Replacement In Mississauga

We can help you if you want to replace an existing mirror. Our Mississauga mirror replacement services are effective and dependable. Our experts will provide seamless replacement, providing a smooth transition to your new bespoke mirror, whether your mirror is damaged, outdated, or simply no longer fits your design concept.

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Below are the steps to follow to install a custom mirror in Mississauga wherever you want.


There are many different types of custom mirror styles and configurations to choose from. Your choice will depend on whether the mirror is being installed in a bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, studio, office, or flying spaceship. Whatever the case may be, our ninjas will help you with choosing the solution that’s perfect for you and your budget. Get inspired: click on each product image below to see a gallery of options.

Gym & Fitness Studio Mirrors

• Custom measured and reinforced to allow for accurate ever-lasting installation
• Perfect for any kind of workout room or studio, whether it’s in your home’s basement or going into 100s of workout studios in your chain of gyms
• Special rates available for large orders

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

• Highest quality mirrors and mirror sheets
• Custom measured for most accurate installations
• Elegant and customizable designs for any bathroom
• Choose from small vanity mirrors for smaller bathrooms to a wrap-around vanity mirror that covers the wall

Wall Mirrors

• Especially great for entryways, hallways and rooms to improve the feeling of space and the overall ambience of the space
• Customized for the size you want, whether it’s to cover a portion of the wall or the entire wall itself
• A great option for small condominium apartments all the way up to The Pentagon and everything in between

Mirrors in Restaurant Lou Lou

Restaurant & Dining Room Mirrors

• A fantastic option to improve the ambience and atmosphere of any dining space without having to spend many thousands on renovations
• Various frames and colour tints available depending on desired mood of the room
• Make your restaurant remarkable

Retail Mirrors

• Custom measured and installed mirrors for all retail applications, from changing room mirrors in your clothing store, to the mirrors all around your barbershop or beauty salon
• Custom colour tints, curves, shapes and mirror applications
• Be remembered as that store with the awesome mirrors 😉

Kitchen Mirror Backsplashes

• We were warned not to show these pictures because once a person sees the beauty of a mirrored kitchen backsplash, they will not be able to eat, sleep or think about anything else until they acquire this masterpiece in their very own kitchen
• Thankfully, we offer a quick and pain-free measurement & installation process, just call 1-833-316-1430 😀

Mirrored Tabletop at Wedding

Mirrored Tables, Desks & Cabinets

• Whether you want to impress office visitors with a mirrored reception desk, or to make your wedding guests say WOW when they sit down to eat at the mirrored dining tables – this may be the option for you
• Let us know your desired use case and vision, and we will recommend the best option for you

Sliding Mirror Door in Hallway

LED Mirror

Its energy-efficient LED technology, is the same light used by professional makeup artists to ensure that you always have the intended shade before you leave the house.
LED lighting, demister pads, with ultra-flattering versions.
The space in the bathroom is a treasured commodity, so when you are picking a mirror that takes up a good slice of this room you want to make sure it’s the right one.


Now it’s time to customize the finer details of your custom mirror setup. You can customize the edge type, shape, cutouts, and even hanging options. Our team will always provide you with their expert recommendation on the best way to proceed regarding any of these customizations – you’re not alone 🙂

Edge Type

• Flat Polish Edge: edges are polished to a smooth shiny finish. Perfect for when the edges of the mirror are visible and minimalistic designs

• Bevelled Polish Edge: edges are cut and polished at an angle. Because this process leaves the mirror thinner around the edges and thicker in the centre, it’s perfect in places where the mirror is the focal point of the room

• Seamed Edge: Edges are sanded and dulled. Typically used in cases where a mirror is to be framed and in applications where the edges are not visible

Mirror Mastic

Hanging Options

• Mirror Mastic: Provides a tight and permanent bond by affixing the mirror directly on to the wall

• J-Bars and L-Bars: Used to support the top or bottom of heavier mirrors; available in chrome, brass and brushed nickel

Shape, Safety Backing & Cutouts

• Shape: Choose from Round, Oval or Rectangular

• Size: Cut to size you can think of, talk to one of our experts to get advise on your project

• Cutouts: made for notches, switches and electrical outlets when necessary

• Safety Backing: Every mirror comes with this as an option: Safety backing reduces the risk of injury and property damage by securely holding in place any glass fragments in the event of trauma to the mirror


By far, the most important aspect of successfully installing any kind of custom mirror is the accurate measuring of the opening in which the glass is to be installed – this is the foundation on which everything else is built.

Measure Glass Shower Door

Measure It Yourself

We’ve received more awards from our customers than we can count, and have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Try calling our competitors for a quote and you’ll find that our response times are much faster, more professional and our rates more competitive.

Glass Shower Enclosure Measurement

Let Us Measure For You

If spending a couple hours fumbling with tape measures and levels trying to measure your new custom mirror is not your cup of tea – let us come in and do all the measurements for you! Our measurement ninjas are quick, accurate, friendly and effective. We will even give recommendations and insights on the best product selections and methods of installation We welcome any and all questions to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Call us any time: 1-833-316-1430


A custom mirror solution is not an insignificant investment. We encourage all of our customers to compare quotes from several reputable glass companies to have peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality product for the lowest possible price. Here’s how Glass Ninja stands out compared to its competitors:

Responsive, friendly, award-winning customer service that actually picks up the phone when you call

We’ve received more awards from our customers than we can count, and have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Try calling our competitors for a quote and you’ll find that our response times are much faster, more professional and our rates more competitive.

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Save money with easy, flexible payment plans with 0% interest options

Get your glass project installed now while splitting up payments with 12, 24 and 36 payment plans. Find out if you qualify in seconds after completing a short application, and get financed for up to $100,000.

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Every order comes with our trustworthy, BS-free 1 and 2 year warranty programs that are always honoured

We believe in the quality of our product and its subsequent installation, and our warranty program shows that. All of our glass installations come with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 2 Year Installation Warranty.

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Diamond Fusion Glass Coating

Keep your glass protected against hard water stains though the invisible protection of Diamond-Fusion glass treatment. By filling in the peaks and valleys of the glass- water, soap scum, and contaminants are easily washed off the glass, cutting cleaning time by up to 90%

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Ready to add bespoke mirrors to boost your space? For expert bespoke mirror installation in Mississauga, get in touch with Mirror Magic right away. Our staff is committed to exceeding your expectations and providing outstanding results. Let us use our knowledge of installing custom mirrors to make your idea a reality.

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FAQs On Custom Mirror Installations In Mississauga

Can you make mirrors in whatever shape I want?

Yes, we provide a variety of customizing possibilities, such as unique shapes. Mirrors can be made by our staff in a variety of shapes to meet your design needs.

How long does it take to install a custom mirror?

The size and complexity of the project determine how long the installation process takes. Based on your individual requirements, our staff will offer an anticipated time frame.

Can Mirrors be installed in bathrooms?

Definitely! Bathrooms are included in our bespoke mirror installation services. Mirrors that bring flair and utility to your bathroom can be designed, made, and installed by us.

Do you offer installation consultation services for mirrors?

You can get consultations from us to assist you pick the best mirrors for your room. Taking into consideration both your preferences and the general layout of your property, our experts will make recommendations.

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